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The “big bang” of the Internet started circa 1995-96. In those early days, Website developers were held to a rather limited selection of approved HTML source code. Since those early days we've progressed from HTML 1.0 to HTML 4.1 to XHTML to XML. However, today many Websites are not performing as well as they should, simply because the person or persons responsible for the site have not taken advantage of upgrading to more recent and advanced versions of source code. Web technology is constantly evolving and changing. Let us show you how you can gain dominance over your competitors. As a Website owner you have two choices, learn all you can about site development or hire someone with the experience to do it for you. Someone to create, maintain, update and optimize your site for high search engine positioning. We are now offering to convert sites from HTML to XHTML (extensible hypertext markup language). It's a step forward and in most cases it will increase traffic to your site